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This display provides two segments in two colors: a large and a small arrow in blue and yellow. The small arrow is located inside the large. The display is organized in a kind of 2 x 2 matrix, where one dimension is controlling the symbols and the other is controlling the color of the emitted light.

Supply: max 200V AC, 400-1000 Hz


Pin Function
1 Yellow light
21 Blue light
12 Large arrow segment
14 Small arrow segment

The figure to the right provides a simplified model of the display, where each capacitor represent one electroluminescent segment in one color.


The display is operated by applying AC power to the four display pins in specific combinations. In order to lit a specific symbol (large or small arrow) in a specific color (yellow or blue), a combination of, not “+” and “-”, but the two phases of the AC power supply is applied to the display. In the table below “L” and “N” are used for the two phases of the AC power supply, while blank means pin not connected.

Pin Symbol
1 21 12 14 Large arrow Small arrow
L N Yellow
L N Yellow
L N Blue
L N Blue
L N N Yellow Yellow
L N N Blue Blue
L N L N Blue Yellow
L N N L Yellow Blue
L L N Yellow/Blue
L L N Yellow/Blue
L L N N Yellow/Blue Yellow/Blue
L N Dim Yellow/Blue Dim Yellow/Blue

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