Signalling layout

Given a bunch of track segments and the Winter Hut, the construction was started beginning of December 2015 in one end of the hut. The track was put on a small shelf mounted along the inner wall of the hut. The plan was to run more than one train at the same time, so a passing loop station with two points was build, and a terminal station with two platform tracks. Then a road level crossing with movable barriers was fitted in between the two stations.


Big plans and ideas (as usual), but reality was different….


To ensure an unambiguous definition of directions and distances, nominal driving direction up (and hence down) was defined as indicated at the layout.

Nominal driving direction up and down are not to be confused with the train moving directions forward and backward. The former is statically defined in the layout, while the latter is a dynamic property seen from the train. The train has a defined front end and compared to this, the train is said to be moving either forward or backward. Hence if a train is located with its front end pointing in direction down, it will be moving backwards when driving in direction up.

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