Functional structure The figure to the right and the list below gives an overview of the logical (or functional) structure of the Winter Train v2.0. Each part will be detailed in the following.

  • Railway Topology - Layout of the track network
  • Trafic Management System
  • System Configuration - How and where configuration data is organized
  • On-board Unit (OBU) - refer to OBU, version 1.0
    • Positioning; Balise and Odometry
    • Remote Driver Machine Interface (DMI)
    • Automatic Train Operation - “Driver less”
    • Traction control of motor
    • Shunting supervision
  • RBC / Interlocking
      • Mode authorization
      • Manually generated Movement Authority (MA)
      • Control of track side elements: Signals, Level Crossings, Points
      • Configuration of element controller
      • Track vacancy detection (train position)
      • Level crossing activation and deactivation
      • Route setting and release
      • Graphical user interface with track layout
      • Indication of element status and track vacancy
      • Commands for track side elements
      • Indication of train data
      • Commands for train modes
      • Commands for manual movement authorization

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