• The HMI application is one program written in Tcl/Tk
  • Application data and configuration is provided from RBC/IL server: Screen layout
  • Symbol definition for track screen is currently hard coded in the HMI application
    • Improvement: Symbol definitions to be provided by RBC/IL
  • Reload function to request reload of screen and symbols

HMI for RBC / IL

PC based HMI


The Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the RBC/IL part of the Winter Train v2 and v3 was implemented as an application for a normal PC. The application was written in TCL/TK allowing it to run under both Linux and Windows.

Due to the chosen structure of configuration data, the HMI application is generic. The only configuration needed is the IP address of the RBC/IL server. When connecting to the server, the HMI application will receive the necessary configuration data, enabling it to show the actual track layout.

Hardware based HMI

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