On-Board Unit

OBU Software

OBU Hardware

Balise reader

Planned improvement of balise reader:

TAG-reader antenna gets 6.7 V RMS 126 kHz sinus from the reader module.


  Area: 32 x 44 mm2
  Coil: 66 windings of wire ø 0.2 mm

Balise (TAG):

  Coil diameter: 20 mm

OBU Hardware

Following the prototype OBU build for the WinterTrain v1 and v2, a second OBU was build. Even if the PBC was better planed, the whole OBU still takes up so much space, that it needs a separate waggon. A nice “circus” waggon was used for the new OBU.

In order to make the train set more flexible and easy to handle, a small plug was provided for the connecting cable between locomotive and waggon holding the OBU.

Train connector

Pin Use
1 Head light
2 Left wheel
3 Cabin light
4 Right wheel
5 Back light
6 Motor +
7 GND for lights
8 Motor -
9 n/c
10 n/c

Pin numbering of socket at train:

1 3 5 7 9
2 4 6 8 10

Realized OBU hardware

Circus Train

Photo and diagram - FIXME

Cargo Train

Photo and diagram - FIXME

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