DMI (PC application)

With the purpose of testing and to have a second DMI in short time, a PC based DMI was developed for version 2 of the Winter Train.

The JeeNode used in the DMI is available as an USB-dongle, so developing a PC application for the DMI was obvious. The application was written in TCL/TK with a screen layout resembling the layout of the hardware version. No special application was written for the JeeNode dongle. Instead the default application RF12demo was used.

For version 3 of the Winter Train, the DMI will be extended with:

  • Indication of motor power command (PWM)

The PC_DMI application accepts three options:

The source code for DMI is available in the Train part of the software repository.

Remote connection to JeeNode dongle

The JeeNode dongle would normally be connected to a local PC in order to operate the train on site. However it turned out to be convenient to operate the trains from a remote location via internet.

In order to do so, the JeeNode dongle was connected to the RasPI used for the RBC/IL application. Following commands allows for external connection to the JeeNode via network.

stty -F /dev/ttyUSB0 -crtscts 57600
nc -l 9902 < /dev/ttyUSB0  > /dev/ttyUSB0 

given the JeeNode shows up as “”/dev/ttyUSB0“ and is configured for 57600 baud.

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