Planning, Winter Train 2018/2019

Generic SW design

  • Redesign of OBU software
    • Redesign of OBU-RBC interface allowing for remote take-over of DMI
    • Reimplementation of OBU sw
    • Adjustment of odometry, per train
  • Implementation of remote take-over of train
    • In case of switched off or defect DMI
    • Backup DMI at signallers operator interface (HMI)
    • Communicaton with OBU via RBC radio


  • Test of LX barrier drives, supervision switch
  • Point Machine with position supervision
  • EC module with L-devices
  • Battery backup for OBU
  • Extended balise antenna
  • Finalization of Circus Train
  • New OBU hw for Cargo Train
  • Additional DMI
  • Bufferstops with red signal
  • Battery box and PBC for DMI to be mechanically fixed inside cabinet.
  • Additional termination clamps to be added to EC's in order to avoid more than one wire of incomming cable per clamp.
  • All PCB's to be fixed in proper enclosures.
  • Lighting in all vaggons and loko's.


  • All power supplies to be connected to one common extention cord.


  • New structure of design documentation.
  • Design documentation to be rewritten…..

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