RBC core

  • Manage and grant Operational Mode for each train
  • Manage Remote take-over Mode for each train
  • Grant movement authorities to trains
  • Handle Emergency Stop
  • Monitor the position of each train
  • Provide interface to the signaler HMI
  • Provide interface to TMS

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Meaning of Direction Selection by driver:

  • DirSel forward: start of mission forward
    • MA request
  • DirSel: Neutral
    • Existing MA (if any) is deleted
    • Route under train (if any) can be cancelled
    • MA is not requested
    • Train data is kept by RBC
  • DirSel backwards: Start of mission backwards
    • MA request

MA assignment

When a train requests an MA for a selected driving direction, a search is started in the selected direction:

  • If a facing point is found, the search is canceled. No MA will be issued
  • If a facing signal is found:
    • If the signal is locked in a route, the track between the trains position and the signal is locked as well????????
    • If the signal is open (green) the search continues along the locked route(s) until the first closed signal (red) or buffer stop (i.e. a valid EOA).
    • This signal/buffer stop is marked as EOA with the ID of the train.
    • The distance from the trains current balise to the EOA is calculated.
    • If a valid EOA is found and all elements from train (front end??) to EOA are locked in route and supervised (i.e. allows signalling) an MA can be issued.
  • Indication to operator, if no train is found?

When a train reports a new position:

  • If the train is assigned an MA (train record has an EOA), the MA is recalculated from the EOA to the new balise.

When a signal opens (change to green)

  • TBD

Having only one balise reader (antenna) at a train, the RBC must calculate the position of the train front based on train length and driving direction. Engineering of RBC will include length of train and position of antenna.

Run time data

FIXME check implementation

Overview of RBC commands

  • Emergency STOP all trains

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