Besides the core functionality of the WinterTrain system - controlling trains - various features are needed in order to engineer a project and - once build - to keep the system running. Engineering tools are described in feature Tools while the operational system with associated maintenance system are described in this section.

The running system

System start and restart

Means for system start and restart. FIXME

User authentication

To be implemented in a future version. FIXME


  • User interfaces (HMI and MCe) can be accessed at any time, but are as such read-only. Only if the user has signed in, the user interface can be operated. Each type of interface can only be operated by one user at a time.
  • User concept for HMI and MCe
    • Name, ID and password
    • Role
  • If a user session is broken (network issues etc.), a forced reset must be possible.

Maintenance and monitoring


  • Supply voltage of traction power
  • Supply voltage (or presence) of point machine power
  • Status of each EC (configuration, up time, …)
  • RBC and TMS status

System status like these will be indicated via the Maintenance Center “MCe” FIXME

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