Operator Panel

The operator panel will by means of push buttons and indicators provide allmost the same indications and commands as are available via the PC based HMI.

A “two finger” approach will be applied for issuing interlocking commands via the panel. That is, in order to issue a command via the panel, two buttons has to pushed at the same time.

For setting a route the selector button of the start signal and the destination signal must be pressed. A route can be manually released by pushing the selector button for the destination signal and a common “route release” button. For points and level crossings a “common command” push botton will be introduzed. To throw a point the individual point push button and the common command button has to be pushed.


  • Flashing indicators needed? E.g. for moving barriers and moving gate door
  • Signal: Indicator for Blocked, ARS
  • Point: Indicator for Locked

Common push buttons:

  • Throw point, toggle LX, toggle Gate
  • Route release
  • Route release, emergency
  • Block signal, lock point
  • Toggle ARS per signal
  • Emergency Stop
  • Toggel overall ARS


The operator panel will mechanically be composed by a number of modules each holding push buttons and indicators for this section of the panel. In this way the operator panel can easily be adapted to reflect the actual track layout of each project.

Each panel module will hold the necessary indicators (LEDs) and push buttons for one or more track elements or operational elements. At least following panel elements are foreseen:

  • Point: Position and track status indicator (2 red / 2 green); blocking state (1 blue) Selection push button.
  • Signal: Signal aspect (1 red / 1 green), indicator for track beyond signal (1 red / 1 green), ARS state and blocking state (1 yellow / blue); Selection push button
  • Buffer stop: Destination locking indicator (1 red), no track status indicator; Selecttion push button.
  • Track: Track status indicator (1 red / 1 green)
  • Operational function: Common function push buttons: point throw, LX activation, gate activation, route release, emergency route release, toggle ARS, toggle blocking

Various different panel modules will be build in order to compose a panel reflecting the actual track layout. Each module will hold a few points, signals, buffer stops, tracks etc. The modules will not be standardized as such, but the panel elements mentioned above will.

The number and type of panel elements will be specific for each panel module.

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