The following subsections aim at describing what the WinterTrain is and how it is intended to work. The WinterTrain is a model railway designed to be build and used in a café. Hence there are features which may be neither known nor necessary in a real wold railway. But for a model railway in a café often visited by families with kids (of all ages…), special features make sense.

As the train driver often will be kids, the whole setup has to be easy to understand and not require special training. This leads to following design goals:

  • Simple to understand and use
  • Robust and tolerant for user misunderstandings and mistakes
  • Preventing collision and derailment

Features and Concepts

In this section various concepts and features of the WinterTrain are described. Each feature is described from a particular point of view. Hence different parts of the WinterTrain may be described in more features.

    • Operational modes of train
    • Traction control
    • Driver interface
    • Remote take-over of driver interface
    • Train consist and properties
    • Track network
    • Train positioning and direction of movement
    • Train mission and mode authorization
    • Movement authority and train supervision
    • Automatic train operation
    • Shunting area
    • Emergency Stop
    • Point handling
    • Track occupation / train detection
    • Route state and interlocking
    • Route setting and release
    • Road level crossing, activation and deactivation
    • Signaling
    • Balises
    • Signals
    • Point, supervision and locking
    • Road level crossing
    • Track Gates
    • Element controllers (EC)
    • User authentication
    • Maintenance and monitoring
    • System start
    • Hand Held terminal
    • Engineering tools
    • Test tools

Functional Structure

The above described features and concepts will be structured into a number of sub-systems each taking care of related functions.

Functional structure The figure to the right and the list below gives an overview of the logical (or functional) structure of the Winter Train v5. Each part will be detailed in the following. FIXME: add HHT to the figure.

  • Train - The core system of the train
  • RBC - The core safety system
  • TMS - Train Management System
  • HMI - The signalers operator interface
  • HHT - Hand Held Termianl for track side operations
  • Interfaces - Communication protocols
    • OBU - DMI
    • OBU - RBC
    • OBU - Balises
    • RBC - EC
    • RBC - HMI
    • RBC - HHT
    • RBC - MCe
    • RBC - TMS

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