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Defect list


  • ETA not cleared in all cases


  • 2022-09-11: If LRBG is located in front of train but in an opposite point branch of the set route, an MA can not be generated. Add indication at HMI. Check if EOA can be used for calculation instead.
  • A route B set over a point, of which the other brach is still locked in route A, will prevent sequential release of route A
  • FIXED, retry implemented. PM does not always throw. Automatic point throwing during route setting to be repeated a few times if point does not reach end position.
  • FIXED, check: Start signal is not set to STOP after manual route release of unused route
  • Check: Start signal is indicated gray when locked in route over trailing but unsupervised point. Should be shown red.
  • Fixed: If train is moved back in SR, the previous MA is still valid and the train will run accordingly when set to ATO - Done: update of OBU to respect allowed direction in MA
  • Fixed, check: Any “old” MA to be cleared when train leaves mode ATO or FS.
  • Fixed, check: Send void MA to all trains when RBCIL is initialized.
  • ARS disabled is not preventing automatic route setting if the signal is a via signal in the route
  • Fixed, check: No SP is generated if train as well occupies Buffer Stop
  • OK: Check that emergency route release transmit a Null MA
  • Fixed_Check: Route from buffer stop (set by TMS) throws “Undefined property: BSelement::$arsState” at line 21 of RBC2_TMS.php

Train and OBU

  • HW or SW de-bouncing of odometry sensor
  • Housing for odometry sensor to prevent external (IR) light reaching the sensor.
  • Null MA must clear all motor variables, incl. drivecorrection
  • FIXED, indication to be implemented. Power switch off if train not moving within specified time span - including indicaiton
  • FIXED, Plug lock for OBU cable
  • Fixed: Auto detection of nominel driving direction is prone to power supply jitter. Filter mechanism to be implemented.
  • Check: MA is not cleared in OBU when train is near EOA
  • Check: Any “old” MA to be cleared when train leaves mode ATO or FS.
  • Fixed: Driving direction in MA to be respected by OBU
  • Fixed: Nominel orientation of train to be transmitted independent of power status.

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